What i learned today and D&D

What I learned today

Well i learned about knife safety and how to pickle things. I also learned NOT to trust jackie in D&D(I will share later)

Things i want to learn

  • I want to learn how to use gimp
  • I want to learn java
  • I want to get better habits in lol
  • And I want to learn how to 3D model

D&D story

Ok this is going to be a long one so get your doritos and Chocolate milk and enjoy. Okay so we start our story with 7 adventures the 1st being a small but MIGHTY stone golem who worships the evil god MESSAGE NOT FOUND and kills people to make his power grow and the 2nd being a Wizard dude who can go through dimensions and also through poop and stuff the 3rd being a goat man who can roll into a ball and be SANIC the 4th being a elf who can not speak and needs a fairy to help he is the hero of time and the weilds the master sword but lost it all when he broke to many pots and got thrown into this cell 5th being a assassin 6th and 7th COULDN’T FINISH TOO LONG

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