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Composting And stuff

Q How much work do you want to put into it?

A Um i don’t want to have to do too much but i would like to have a really nice garden. So i don’t know like 4 hours a week.


Q What methods are there? (Describe at least 2)

A What? Like recipe for composting or like using worms and having a worm box.


Q What method do you want to use?

A I want to use worms. Not sure how that would work.


Q Building a box or buying a plastic bin?

A I want to build a box because making things is fun.


Q Where are we going to put it? (think about animals and bad smells)

A I want to put it down below the deck (depending if we put the garden there) because it would be covered by the deck and stuff.


Q How does composting happen in nature? Is it natural? Can we learn from it?

A I have no idea.