It has been a really calm day

Things i want to more of

1.figure out what is wrong with the server

2.Make the ixa website more on js and html

4.refine lucario tech skill

5.Figure out how to host a website on gitHub

what i am grateful for

1.Going to an alc school

2.being able to work on what i love

3.having a nice computer

4.having nice friends

5.having abe and drew here to help us

Top 5 things i did today and something i did today that i can do better

1. I made a cool txt game where you have to kill a monster using a strong, normal or weak attack which i thought was cool

2. I finally  got the slam dunk as lucario!  And not just that but 4!

3. I got past a course of codecademy

4. I have made a plan for my future

5. I fixed the alc minecraft server

And now for the thing’s i can do better

Well i have some plans for the game i made like i want there to be a hp system like you have 100 points and when you lose all your heath you lose the round but maybe if your at like 50 or lower something you would do more damage or you would have a cool ability or something.  Anyways the point is that i have some cool things i want to be doing. oh and i reallly need to be managing my time better like i could have read some of that java book that i have so ya that was a bit of a fail but you know you can only learn from it right?   😛

New server

I got the server to port forward correctly which mean’s that we can have that alc server now and play together, wellll maybe we would have to set up times to play because of the time zones but i think we can get that settled or we can just have or school server, in any case it will be fun!  So in all,  i’m happy.   🙂

If you ever care for joining please message me and ill tell you the ip  address.  Also if you are ryan and you happen to be reading this if you want the no cheats world on the server please give my the world in a Pm and i will convert the world into no cheats and give you admin powers.  just make sure if you do give it to me that you first make a back up world  on your computer   🙂

Web dev Day 2

So today drew had finished his part so that me and ethan could add content to the website like pictures with the <img> tag and stuff. The website should be done and up on the internet tonight then we can get our pro tester (aka will) ready to do his thing.

Working on the site

Today we started work on the site.  Jackie and jr worked on the design me and ethan watched drew set up the site and showed us how every thing worked together so that we (me and ethan) can put the content in. So over all i’m very  excited!