What i did today 2/25/15

Well I went orthodontist and got this weird chalk stuff put into my mouth to make a mold so that I can get braces so that will be fun

I have gotten another person into my favorite fighting game of ALL TIME ssb pm and maybe she will get good enough to beat me so that i can get better

I watched drew make the start of a website for his friendo

Then I started reading my history text book and got through 15 pages

and played a knew card game that was fun although I lost ever single time it was very fun

that was it my WHOLE day right there not a bunch but it was a lot of fun πŸ™‚

Ryan if your reading this or anyone at the ny alc I want you to know that one day the server will be back up but it’s gonna be very hard for me to do so because long story I screwed up my router in a very bad way so we have to use a frontier router and they don’t let me port forward like the microtik router did and I’m Really sorry for that so right now I’m just gonna give you the world so you can do lan again :(. And that i will come back to ny one day and beat everyone in smash again this includes Ryan I wont lose next time i’m there

How i’m gonna spend valentines day


I went to a science class where i learned about different volcano types. Ya that’s all I really did but it was a long class I had a lot of fun.

How i’m gonna spend valentines day

Waiting for the day after valentines day so i can get ALL of the discount candy
and then eat All of the discount candy alone on my computer

5 of my fears

  • Spiders
  • Losing my family and friends
  • Great bodies of water
  • The unknown
  • Death

What are 5 things i want to do while drew is gone

  • I want to get gold

  • not lose to ethan
  • I CAN NOT lose to ethan any more in smash

  • try to finish codecademy js
  • I have been putting this off for a VERY long time

  • Get out more
  • So i need to get out more because i don’t exercise enough and I also want to go on walks with my mom

  • right an essay
  • The reason i’m doing this is because my mom would like to know if i’m literate

Composting And stuff

Q How much work do you want to put into it?

A Um i don’t want to have to do too much but i would like to have a really nice garden. So i don’t know like 4 hours a week.


Q What methods are there? (Describe at least 2)

A What? Like recipe for composting or like using worms and having a worm box.


Q What method do youΒ want to use?

A I want to use worms. Not sure how that would work.


Q Building a box or buying a plastic bin?

A I want to build a box because making things is fun.


Q Where are we going to put it? (think about animals and bad smells)

A I want to put it down below the deck (depending if we put the garden there) because it would be covered by the deck and stuff.


Q How does composting happen in nature? Is it natural? Can we learn from it?

A I have no idea.

What i did today and what is my art?

What i did today?

Well i went to the park aand that was pretty much it we were just at the park for the whole day.

What is my art

Well i like to think that coding is an art because of what you can do with it like think about it. What can’t you do with coding? Not allot and that’s what i love about it i can do anything i want with coding and i think that is AMAZING i could make my own little world in side of my computer all on my own. And that is what i want my “Art” to be.

What i learned today and D&D

What I learned today

Well i learned about knife safety and how to pickle things. I also learned NOT to trust jackie in D&D(I will share later)

Things i want to learn

  • I want to learn how to use gimp
  • I want to learn java
  • I want to get better habits in lol
  • And I want to learn how to 3D model

D&D story

Ok this is going to be a long one so get your doritos and Chocolate milk and enjoy. Okay so we start our story with 7 adventures the 1st being a small but MIGHTY stone golem who worships the evil god MESSAGE NOT FOUND and kills people to make his power grow and the 2nd being a Wizard dude who can go through dimensions and also through poop and stuff the 3rd being a goat man who can roll into a ball and be SANIC the 4th being a elf who can not speak and needs a fairy to help he is the hero of time and the weilds the master sword but lost it all when he broke to many pots and got thrown into this cell 5th being a assassin 6th and 7th COULDN’T FINISH TOO LONG

What i did at whidbey island what and what i want to do in the future

What i did

Well i hiked around and got used to the whole whidbey institute and had a little picnic where we played a improv game and eagles nest i also talked about making a minecraft world based off of the whidbey institute also maybe hosting a server for the and just had allot of fun walking around and talking to friends

What i want to do

I would like to have a field trip there where we do volunteer work such as weeding and gardening also i want to recreate the whole area in minecraft or maybe host a class and just have fun doing work there.

5 Things i’m great full for this year and what project do i want to be starting

The list

  • Having drew
  • Having my friends here
  • Having the website done
  • Being able to work on website with friends
  • Having an amazing space for the school

what project i want to be doing

Death lamb inc

Why? because working on making video games is something i have wanted to do for YEARS and being able to work on that with all my friends is a dream come true! And i can’t wait.