What i did today 2/25/15

Well I went orthodontist and got this weird chalk stuff put into my mouth to make a mold so that I can get braces so that will be fun

I have gotten another person into my favorite fighting game of ALL TIME ssb pm and maybe she will get good enough to beat me so that i can get better

I watched drew make the start of a website for his friendo

Then I started reading my history text book and got through 15 pages

and played a knew card game that was fun although I lost ever single time it was very fun

that was it my WHOLE day right there not a bunch but it was a lot of fun 🙂

Ryan if your reading this or anyone at the ny alc I want you to know that one day the server will be back up but it’s gonna be very hard for me to do so because long story I screwed up my router in a very bad way so we have to use a frontier router and they don’t let me port forward like the microtik router did and I’m Really sorry for that so right now I’m just gonna give you the world so you can do lan again :(. And that i will come back to ny one day and beat everyone in smash again this includes Ryan I wont lose next time i’m there

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